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25.02.2021 - 17:17 Uhr

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Die Detailseite zu diesem Eintrag wurde bereits 2076x besucht.

Premiumeintrag Guerilla Tree
Guerilla Tree started in 2010 as a project initiated by Sascha Trojahn und Rene Krov.

In 2011 the line-up was completed with musicians (Chris Müller, Robin Steffens and Robert Braune) of various bands with different musical directions.
All former bands did (although their styles were quite different) have one thing in common: despite being very progessive, they aimed at delivering as much power to the audience as possible.

Intelligent but raw was the motto. Influenced by bands like Type O Negative, Dream Theater, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Genesis and Psychotic Waltz. Guerilla Tree produces a dark and very melodic sound, leaving each member of the band enough space to bring in their talents. As a result, the music sounds gloomy, earthy, and mighty. Sometimes light as a dream, sometimes massive as a thunderstorm, dark but never capitulating, never too fast-paced, but always powerful.

In June 2012, their debut-cd “Mental Leaps“ will be released, the first video of our song “Indocyanine green“ has been finished by now.

The world may be curious.

The best thing about the band is: as long as they are handling their instruments, they can not strangle each other.

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